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Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

To Texas

Houston, Texas

Try sleeping in a moving bus with a bunch of teenagers. They’re a little ‘till late at night. But it’s okay. We’ve got a four-tier bunk bed system and the inhabitants are somewhat angelic. I’ll explain later.

Try taking a shower and other toilet preparatory work while the bus paces at 70 miles per hour; that’s over 110 km per hour. You’re rocking.

Try keeping some sanity sharing crammed quarters with twenty-five young whipper snappers. You’ll work on patience.

That’s what it’s like on the Krishna Culture Festival Tour. I was describing the boys bus, the one I’m on. The MCI Canadian-make bus, a 400 horsepower machine weighing 23 tons. It’s a beauty!

There’s another right behind us. It’s the girls bus. You’ve got seventeen young teen women in that conveyance. More leg room I guess.

After the one day stop at Atlanta we moved on by way of the southern trans US highway 10 through wet, drenched, swampy Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and then Texas -- a long haul to Houston. Oh, we keep the travel as Krishna Conscious as possible. Mahat Tattva, an outstanding monk from San Diego and I conducted a sadhana program for the boys including them in our discussion on “Is Sense Gratification Necessary?”

It was fourteen hours later of young body heat radiating. Finally we were released to enter air conditioned Gauranga Hall at Houston’s ISKCON Centre, there to prepare for our second performance of “The Three Lives of Bharat.” The show went on.

The audience loved it.

One thing that I forgot to mention about the bus policy. If a curse word is used you are charged a dollar. I haven’t heard of any such violation. In all honesty “Krishna” is the most common word within the walls of our bus. That’s pretty good for a bunch of young men. That’s why I call them angels.

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