Monday, 18 July 2011

Friday, July 15th, 2011

First Film

Toronto, Ontario

A young woman was asked, “Have you heard of Hare Krishna?”

“Yes! I think it’s a Jewish holiday.”

Another person was posed the same question, “Yes, I believe he’s a wonderful person, doing such good work.”

Other people gave similar answers but a surprising number knew that Hare Krishna is a spiritual movement, folks from the 60’s or 70’s, for instance, were more familiar then the decades that followed. A survey of the Montreal public was questioned about what they knew regarding the Krishna culture, a survey that our Halifax monks conducted.

Nitai Ram our head brahmacari (monk) in Canada empowered his young men to put together their first video. Yogendra and Matt, both Nova Scotians were the main engine behind “A Sankirtan Story”. A piece of film to show their viewers what sankirtan entails. It basically illustrates the outreach program that occupies much of their good and fun time on the streets meeting people.

They gave our community in Toronto a showing of “A Sankirtan Story” as an archival piece and as a way to attract others to the lifestyle of “simple living and high thinking”. Viewing the material was a highlight for me on this day in addition to a 12 hour kirtan (chanting) at the downtown temple and a procession, another form of sankirtan, at posh Yorkville and then Bloor St.

It’s merely an expression, but I “tip my hat off” to those brahmacaris who are working very hard to make a cultural shift in society by interacting with the public and encouraging people to consider the spiritual component.

May they live on!

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