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Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Looking Fragile

Toronto, Ontario

Things are looking fragile in the world economic scene. The country of Italy is on the latest list of financial challenges in Europe. Ireland, Greece and Portugal are part of the unfortunate stack of debt contagion and now, one of the strangest economies of Euro land, to a great surprise, is the land of vineyards.

This recent surprise about domino woes is cause for much concern and anguish. Some thoughts and questions come to my mind. Is there a co-relation between the decline of spirituality to lack of funds? Does greed and karma play a role in this? Naturally, being some kind of spiritualist I may be incline to think so.

China is now a powerhouse with India taking a second place. This is a shift in power dynamics from west to east -- from America and Europe to the east. If money is power then as we can see, a remolding is taking place on the basis of the movement of “Lakshmi”. Lakshmi is the Sanskrit word to describe wealth. This primary goddess has a reputation for being flickering and changing locations.

This is the way of the world and its history so it seems. It gives cause to re-think certain values and certain ways of doing things. It’s an interesting time, now and always. Nothing is permanent.

And because I think like a spiritualist I’m inclined towards a pat answer or a solution to the problem. There’s a need to step up on tightening our belts, re-visit simple ways and say “Hello” to god again. History tells of those trends of what was just described.

As I contemplated on the matter on my evening stretch of legs I saw a billboard promoting “Pizza Pizza”, an Italian Canadian based business. The image is of a young couple indulging in a succulent slice of pizza. They look happy, of course. No doubt the message carries a kernel of deception. Happiness is permanent with the spirit and not necessarily with financial arrangements.

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