Sunday, 10 July 2011

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Mutual Benefit

Toronto, Ontario

Yesterday I took a stroll to a park, a pleasant green space off of Bathurst St. with three beautiful women. Those motorists who watched us cross the street may have wondered what kind of monk is that keeping company with les femmes?

“Let them wonder,” I thought, “these are my sisters and niece. Today I went out with the boys. At downtown Yonge and Bloor I beat the drum, literally, an art of a sankirtan session. A dear god brother, Krsna das, Laghu Hari, our visiting South African monk, and I were chanting. For some time Krsna das handed out flyers to promote the coming Ratha Yatra for July 16th and 17th while Laghu and I sat down on a public concrete slab, an actual seat. It was so designed that you could interpret that one half jutting out north and the other south, implies that the seat for two positions goes in each direction.

We took advantage of this. Laghu faced the moving pedestrians. I faced the traffic with my mrdanga drum. It was interesting to see the response by motorists especially when having to stop for the traffic light.

It was a hot day so most people have their windows closed with the AC on. I would say half of the stationary vehicles stopped for the red light would at least slightly roll down their window to listen to the beat of the drum and the mantra being sung. Some people would look towards us and smile. Some would nod. Some would tap their fingers on the steering wheel.

And while they were getting a kick out of hearing us (and I seeing them) we were both reaping the benefit of appreciating the mantra. That was to our mutual benefit.

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