Sunday, 3 July 2011

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

I Took to the Highway

Edmonton, Alberta

I took to the Trans Canada highway for a stretch. It's a long road (the world's longest) that I have become familiar with. It appears to be an endless ribbon of pavement, two lanes, sometimes four lanes, and in some busy locations like Montreal it spans to much more than that.

On Calgary's east end where I trekked for a bit it is a hectic #2 to Montreal with six lanes and is referred to as 16th Avenue.

Near Barlow Trail my ride came to pick me up for the journey to Edmonton and beyond. A Fijian couple transported our little bhakti drama troupe to the radha Govinda Cultural Centre where we were greeted by two angelic-like Bengali monks. They fed us and yet we had more time to kill (the ego) before our next driver came to take us on the last leg of the day's journey to the city of Saskatoon. We sat down for a session of verse memorization (always a good exercise for those who need to learn lines). From the Bhagavad-gita you have this string of many verses to choose from. The Gita is like the highway, a ribbon with many points of interest. Out of the seven hundred verses we chose 10.30 from the chapter entitled "Opulence of the Absolute".

The message is deep, especially the phrase kalah kalayatam aham, "Of subduers I am time." Time tends to calm all things. Time puts all to rest.

6 KM

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