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Monday, July 25th, 2011

Dissolve Inferior Cravings

Atlanta, Georgia

Thirty one of us passengers, including the bus driver of the Krishna Youth Ministry, pulled up at the ISKCON Centre in the Druid Hills Centre of Atlanta. It was 1:45 am and we had been on the road since 8 pm, Sunday night. All were fast asleep to the exception of the driver, Dranaksha, and bus leader, Manu, now they retired. I woke up and felt it was time to walk, to chant some japa (mantra meditation). Nirguna, a spiritual student of Vancouver, awoke, and we both decided to head for mid-town Atlanta.

We met people asking for nickels and dimes, a security police noticed our robes, he became curious wanting to know about our monastery in Druid Hills. He indicated we were walking in a drugs zone, affiliated with the drug scene of course is violence. The cop, an amiable largely built fellow, he was an amiable one. I was sure he didn’t fear for our being coaxed into taking drugs, but rather, being possible victims of violence. We continued forward, never the less, with confidence.

If I could say boldly, drugs are a real culprit in society today. I won’t reserve to say also, that the root of the problem is the lack of spiritual purpose in life.

I was informed that 2 of the young men on the bus had been persuaded to experiment with drugs, in other words, they have had some struggle with it. But, under a different kind of pressure, another kind of peer pressure however, such as the conducive arrangement found with the clean fun on the traveling bus, it could turn things around for the boys. There is hope in spiritual power, more so than in material energy, which is inferior.

People resort to drugs and so many other addictions due to a vacuum. When the vacuum can be filled with a deeper and more meaningful kind of purpose, inferior cravings dissolve.

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