Monday, 18 July 2011

Monday, July 18th, 2011


Toronto, Ontario

Devotees of Brampton and Orillia became initiated at Centre Island yestarday. I'm happy for them and thinking about their progressive steps as I walked the neighbourhood of Rosedale.

The names of the new initiates are Jaya Gopal, Chandrika, Vyasacharya, Puja, Narayani and Sukavak. Congratulations!

From the walk I sprang into the temple room to facilitate a class.

Our Monday mornings are reserved for our guru, Prabhupada. It struck me while the few attendees and I read from the book named after him, in Feb of '72 he was mentally planning a design for our headquarters in Mayapura which included buildings to accommodate residents and guests. His intent was to set up structures fashioned for the traditional four social orders of life referred to as varnashram. That was interesting. (You can find this in the Chapter "Let There Be A Temple.")

Late in the morning, JW Windland of Encounter World Religions Centre brought to the temple forty plus teachers and ministers from Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, California, and Nebraska. The gracious guests came to learn about the Krishna Conscious ways. They really soaked in the chanting and the dancing. We are talking about people who are mostly middle aged.

It is my personal love to speak and mingle with these type of open-hearted people. They questions. They have experience and realizations.

Some remarks in the presentation that we may consider as highlights for them were:

"There's a piece of God in all of us, including animals and plants.", "God is a person.", "God has form.", "Human life is meant for controlling the senses."

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