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Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Kids again!

Regina, Saskatoon

I never saw so much enthusiasm. It was a total impromptu event (chanting) but right when we found an extra hour these two kids went to work full steam ahead distributing books in the park. The kids were Hrisikesh, 9, and his little sister Ragalikha, 5, The books (or pamphlets to be more accurate) were “The reservoir of Pleasure” by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, the grassy and tree-canopied place was Victoria Park in down town Regina, Saskatchewan’s capital.

As soon as a person could take a stroll through the park the two young joyful kids would dart out, like a bullet, come up to the casual stroller and deliver the literary piece with the biggest smile you ever saw, of course.

As an observer I was delighted and so were my comrades from Winnipeg. We were watching the fun while chanting in a circle arrangement rested on the grass.

Oh! The mosquitoes were horrendous but that didn’t matter. Our mood was that people’s blood was being sucked by the consumer mode of existence and here was a jovial kid offering an alternative back at life via the publications. We were smiling. The recipients didn’t know at first what hit them before graciously receiving.

Those two little kids set the mood for a great evening at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum Auditorium. There, our drama troupe, Swami Productions, presented “Nandulal”, “The Telemarketer”, and “Chaitanya’s Verses”, dramatically pieced to move the audience.

The program ended on the note of the same activity -- chanting. As Emcee I asked all to leave their chairs, some forward toward the stage, and loosen up, “Sway the feet. Sing the mantra. Ignore the mind. Clap the hands.”

We became kids -- enthusiastic kids.

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