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Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Young Man, Sanjay

Woodbridge, Ontario

The story today is ultra simple, about a young man, Sanjay, whom I've known for about 20 years. He's not interested in monastic life, in fact, when I visited his family last January it was an engagement event. Now he's happily married. He voiced to me last night that he needed a monk's blessing in order for the relationship between himself and his new spouse, Shivi, to be a solid one.

At that time, in January, I mentioned the need to keep the spiritual centre in place and everything would be alright. I'm sure Sanjay walked into the wedding venue thinking it is an important walk exchanging vows and for uniting the couple and making the commitment.

I'm very happy for the two of them. As a belated wedding gift, I gave Sanjay a music CD, Ekalavya's "Inspiration Explosion" an excellent upbeat fusion piece. I particularly wanted Sanjay to enjoy the first track, which echoes, "Chant, chant, chant/ Chant the holy name/ your life, life, life/ Will never be the same."

I urge Sanjay to give some portion of the day to chanting. He has received Krishna Conscious literature in the past, has access to meditation beads. I certainly don't want to pressure or impose but implore, I will. What is it that will ground him in a deep way apart from wife, house and kids? Just a tiny bit of sadhana (spiritual workout) will make all the difference towards establishing a good physical and spiritual balance.

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