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Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

H.I.T Hang In There!

Toronto Ontario

It had been a message going out there loud and clear for the last two days. There was something weird in the air, the stars, maybe the eclipse. I had been receiving emails, phone calls, and office visits over varying tough issues that compelled victims to cop out, quit, take to the forest (as in Arjuna) and just give up. Whatever the issue was people wanted to resign. And I was saying "No way!"

No one retires from responsibility. I realized when I was talking to the four or so threatened-to-quit folks, whether to do with a relationship, some routine task, or to do with the mission. I was talking to myself.

Everyone goes through periods where you want to throw in the towel, where you feel like saying "Govinda I shall not fight." We know it's wrong, to retreat from the battlefield of duty but you just want to say, it anyway. Maybe someone will hear your frustration, empathize, and encourage. In that sense it's not so harmful to voice the agony. You realize then that you have friends who will say, "Listen, take a break, chill out, get some rest, chant Hare Krishna and with a little time you'll be alright and back at the job."

I did mention to one person (and here's where I really had to be talking to me) "We can't be spineless without guts and heart." We all visit this type of dungeon but we also need to walk out courageously into the fight. Those who know the Gita know what I am talking about when I say "Look, you have a choice, be "Arjuna before" or "Ajuna After." The "After" effect of hearing the speaker of the Gita speaks tons of truth to us all. We got the strength.

So I've been suggestion the H.I.T approach. Hang in there. Let reason and time get you through. Then move on.

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