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Sunday, June 19th, 2011

People in Progression

Halifax, Novia Scotia

December 12th of 2010 was the last time I spent time in Halifax with our community. Im thrilled to see the spiritual progress being made with certain individuals. Corey, 23, is one of them. As a walking partner on past occasion I got to know him somewhat. He's maturing. His mum, Denise, came to partake in our evening program. What a lovely soul.

Heidi, is a special person. Employed in a dental lab, she gives equal or more importance to her spiritual life. She commits herself to two hours of mantra meditation everyday. Recently she sold her stockpile inherited LP's but held onto George Harrison's "Living In the Material World." With genuine sentiment she broguht with her the LP to let me see.

Joseph, is also getting results from chanting daily on his beads, but he also wanted to let everyond know that he has a passion for guitar, so he brought that along to our evening gathering to back up our kirtan. With Father's Day on his mind he left our program at some point to do the dutiful thing, to see his dad.

I won't forget to mention Savitri, who turned 65 not long ago, and who received her initiation on that day in December. She resides in a home next to the commons where she conducts the regular Sunday program. What I gather from hearing her is that she was very much a free spirit when she immigrated to Canada years ago from Holland. She'll be the first to admit that she's been more free now that she is practicing Krishna Devotionalism.

My major impression of the day was to see these folks move on with their spiritual developement. Oh! Let me add on Hemant and Askwat who trekked with me near the Commons, as the sunset. And there were two more people whom I came upon in my morning walking session. Having come out of a party two young women with streaked purple hair were lost on the street seeking direction. They were intoxicated when I led them through several street blocks to the Commons where they wanted to go. They didn't exactly join me in mantra meditation but perhaps in the future they will consider the power of this extraordinary sound vibration. Perhaps they will consider the spiritual path.

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