Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Back At the Atlantic

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Coming down the escalator to the airport baggage pick-up level I could see a handful of happy greeters. Once reaching the group it was a spontaneous all-at-once-hit-the-head-to-the-floor gesture, a custom upon seeing a monk or sadhu of some sort. I also bent over in reciprocation after receiving a garland of greeting. Those outside our little bhakti circle were entertained to see us robed folks, uninhibited, doing our thing.

I’m here to spend the weekend, in Halifax. Delivering some classes in the science of devotion and leading some kirtans is what is on the agenda. Rain became a deterrent for walking and with the lowly temperature it’s hard to envision the actual soon to arrive summer solstice. Of course, where we are here in Canada’s Atlantic coast line. Anything can happen weather-wise.

A young couple asked for some coaching in the home of Manu and Satarupa, my hosts. Asking for advice on the topic of relationships does have some space in the portfolio of a monk. Unless you are a hermit type of monastic person you do have some obligation to counsel your students. The main emphasis behind any advice is to keep the spiritual component in the centre. Never sway from that.

The request for some advice is also a reminder that I’m to review a draft to a new book “Heart and Soul Connection”, a guide to marriage service and love. This valuable publication is the work of a Grihastha Vision Team who’s asked that I critique it.

So, let the rain come for this weekend while I will read, teach, chant and have some healthy food. And if I’m lucky I can trek a trail during a dry period.

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