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Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Get Behind the Festival

Mississuaga Ontario

I encourage all families with the summer's celebration of the Ratha Yatra, the Festival of Chariots to give support. Each night for several days now I have gone out fund raising for the local event, hosted also as Festival of India. It is out of the range of a monk to do so. Monks in our order are enthusiastic to promote such a terrific culture-changing effects. Running now for a creeping up the 40th year (next year in Toronto) the highlight of feasting, chanting, dancing, and other feel good activities make it a unique attraction. There's no meat, fish, or eggs in the food. You find no drugs or liquor. It's family fun. Sex has it's place, but not here. No innuendos even.

Yogis especially in the bhakti (devotion) category converge. Karma-free food and crowd pleasing drama and dance acts fill the stage. And you get your walking in. In many cities a procession that accompanies temple-like chariots go a distance of anywhere from 5km/3miles to 10km/6mi.

You sweat, you work, you play, dance, and sing, all in the spirit of devotion. And the superstar to turn up is someone by the name of Jaganath, a massive wooden iconic personality representing Krishna. He rocks! And so do many more people at their east meets west flowered ahimsal(non violence) killer kirtan program.

I'm personally crazy about the Ratha Yatra/ Festival of Chariots. It's my summer hightlight.

As I was saying, each night I return on a trail at night after having fund raised and friend raised. Myself and these other stalwart devotees set out for Mississauga to see potential donors. We meet with generous hearts.

So from a monk who is making an appeal, for assistance I ask you now to support your local Ratha Yatras it is an enriching experience for thsoe who attend. You can also take home a book and do yourself that favour to read, apply and make spiritual progress.

8 Km

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