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Friday, June 3rd, 2011

New Words

L'Orleans, Ontario

Here's a new word - "Prunch". It rhymes with "brunch" which means eating in between breakfast and lunch or late morning. Since those of us in the Vaishnav tradition eat sanctified food known as prasadam, we took the liberty to consider that time of day and the type of food we consumed to be called "prunch". It was delicious!

Anthony and I were hosted at the home of Kacper and Vraja in the town of Russell. Avocado and tomato salad wrapped in chappati bread, excellent kichari, a mung dahl with rice and veggies, also smoothies and mango. This kind of meal, this "prunch", means a lot to Anthony. It's not that he's on the spiritual trail as a food fiend. Being with him now for the last week has allowed me to understand that his affinity for Krishna goes beyond the cravings of the palate. He's keen with the philosophy, food, friends and realizes the natural phenomena of karma.

With walking through the town of Russell and hitting a bike trail, a former railway line, you could see signs all over the place; signs which read "Dump the Dump NOW!" Apparently the town is being proposed for a dump site and residents are not swallowing the idea. I spoke with Anthony and Kacper about karma being like trash. "You try to dispose of it but no one wants your dump. You have to take care of it yourself."

A second walk for me with the boys was along the Rideau River in Ottawa at Strathcona Park. Just before a great meal (should we call it 'prinner' instead of dinner?) Anthony spotted a black swan. It took our attention as it did a woman about 60, who started to converse with us. She had heard of kirtan and how it curbs karma.

Our evening led us to a community centre in L'Orleans run by a Transcendental Meditation group. They had completed their session of meditation when we sat in a circular fashion with invitees for kirtan. It began soft and low in pitch and gradually built up pitch level, volume and even the stance, from lotus pose to standing and dancing. It was a small group, nine of us but quality folks they were, to the exception of myself. Let's exercise modesty.

After kirtan we enjoyed snacks or pracks.

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