Thursday, 2 June 2011

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Have a vision

Toronto Ontario

Back in the city again and the world of passion play. People have forsaken jumpers and jackets in response to a record heat for this day, 41 Celsius or more is the reported high. The question is, "who isn't outside this evening, walking or cycling?" People are finding a new gravity in parks and green spaces. Condo dwellers abandon their boxes. Shade is truly appreciated. All races, genders and ages are out and about. For a time (from 7pm-11pm) I did not feel alone, rather I was surrounded by people everywhere. I hate to use the analogy but humans are like mosquitoes. When hot weather hits we wake up from our slumber and go out doing our business. Some people in fact do suck blood.

Anthony took to walking with me. He's in his early twenties and is serious about his spiritual life. He has some vision and sees himself playing a major role in advancing Krishna Consciousness for himself and others.

Anthony and I walked through Queens Park. A young Buddhist monk cycling and wearing shades gave a nod of respect. We reciprocated. I guess he has some vision for himself and sees beyond his sunglasses.

We bumped into a friend. He shared a story. "You can use it if you want." He said.

"Two men were walking. One was blind, the other not. The one who could see said to the blind man, 'There is something worse - going on in life without a vision.'"

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