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Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Tinsel in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

This weekend the International Indian Film Academy awards will be held in the city. It's the first time Bollywood's equivalent to the Oscars are held outside of India. Canada is excited about it. The event promises to pump millions into the economy. Excuse my monk sarcasm but I imagine there will be glitzy pagentry, like Hollywood, and will not do much for boosting enlightenment. I wonder if ever there will be awards for art some day?

How do I know about what's on? Well you catch glimpses of it here and there. I've heard there are other versions of Hollywood in the world. Pardon me, but the cynical swami won't hold back on cursing those mechanisms that promote the in-your-face NO NO's that any _ollywood can produce. Frankly I can be more entertained by staring at a piece of birchwood, maple wood or oakwood or a piece of driftwood. Hollywood/Bollywood, NO! I feel relieved of the craving to play into the tinsel trap.

Thank God I've got my own superstars, such as Devamrta Swami and Baddha Hari, who are in town for purposes of more wholesome presentations of bhakti and kirtan. I also have my own outlet for artistic expression. After a lip-smacking meal with the two guests we sat down for a dance presentation by Godruma Gaura based on Chaitanya's verses. Later in the evening along with Gaura and Laghu Hari of South Africa we laid out our dress rehearsal for the play "Nandulal", the story of a blind saint. The presentations have moral fibre which is a lot more than high budget films of porn and corn can offer. One day we might be able to give vaishnav arts a chance, a chance to hit mainstream.

If by some fluke I meet a Bollywood megastar this weekend I will be most happy to talk to that person about the benefit of spiritual contents in art forms and in one's life.

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