Friday, 7 January 2011

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

So Right

Toronto Ontario

As I dandered my way south on University Avenue it became apparent that despite winter overcoat robes were exposed. That cost some smiles and even nods, although most pedestrians just go about their business. The route took me by ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), then a half loop along Queen's Park, the provincial legislative building, then you pass several hospitals for cardio, cancer, and sick children up to the corner of May Pickford's bust(her birth spot) and into a medical clinic for a blood and urine testing.

My medical assistent was a woman from Guyana, and my guess was that she's Hindu. I'm sure I was her first robed patient. It showed in her surprise. "Just leave yourself bare chested, lie down and I'll be back."
"Fine,"I said.
"Is this Buddhist?" she asked.
"Hare Krishna."
"Oh yes, I was raised Catholic but I became a Hindu," she remarked.
She was pleasant as Guyanese folks usually are and our dialogue went on as time allowed. She got my invite to the temple. I was happy to have made that friend.

It was a bit daring doing the trek there and back walking on a hernia but it was painless. I looked down at my feet and reflected on what the monitor had said in the waiting room, "your feet have 25% of your body bone structure. Protect them."

Okay! I believe I've been doing that. Protect the body. Protect the soul. That sounds like a balanced equation. Keep body and soul together. I know I'm not just a body, a lump of chemicals. I'm a person, a divine spark. I'm convinced that there is this dimension otherwise devotional activities wouldn't feel right, so natural.

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