Thursday, 6 January 2011

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

It Started With White

Toronto, Ontario

Snow had snuk in with its silence changing the dynamics of things. I had completed a second trek for the previous day, then lay down to rest at midnight when all was dark and grey. At a 4 AM rising, nature's white sprinkle moved in to provide that new world of surprise. Weather gave fascination to the day. It gives an impetus to live and love life.

Each morning is like that for the spiritual practitioner. When you open the door to be hit softly or harshly by the atmospheric conditions it comes like that when you arise to a day of devotional wonder. There's adventure.

When the gates and doors to the vigraha (Krishna deity) opens to expose us to a fresh look our optimism escaltes. Our kid-in-the-candy-shop mood becomes ignited. Their smiles radiate a warmth that stokes your devotional energy permitting you to bear up against the day's onslaught.

I didn't have the opportunity to push a leg after that rising, I only had the fine memory of doing so before it struck midnight. Issues came at me from different parts of the continent either electronically, telephonically or personally. It took a stressful toll on me although I felt sustained because of the morning pull - seeing the most beautiful forms of Radha Gopinath (Krishna's sacred images). They stand there confident in pose and curvy like poetry or prose.

My day began before those buoyant forms and it ended that way as well. Before them, at evening arati (service), I picked up a drum and let fingers walk on its ends while Keshav, an always zestful one, gravitated to the same space. His fingers walked over the harmonium's teeth. We played and sang. It was a perfect day, as usual, except for the lack of trek.

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