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Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Keep On Trying!

Toronto, Ontario

It's slightly hard to accept when you walk down the street at your less-than-average clip. Everyone is passing you. You're healing from an operation. No need to feel sorry for yourself, really. You just "keep on trucking" as they used to say in the sixties. "Speed will come in time," I had to remind myself.

In the morning sessions of our Bhagavatam class, the monks of the ashram are looking with interest at the story of Canto 6 on how Daksha, a progenitor of the world, begot 10,000 sons and lost the whole lot to the renunciant, Narada Muni, who convinced them about celibacy. We mentioned about this story that Daksha was disheartened but he actively fathered a new batch. He tried again and wanted his boys to flourish and to also populate the world as he was. Narada pulled 'a fast one' again and 'liberated' these potential future family men. Frustration for Daksha struck again. He didn't give up and neither did Narada, both in their respective determined approaches to life.

The example we gave was if you bake a batch of cookies that get spoiled try another batch until you get it right.

In correspondences with individuals today, the theme of my message on two issues was, "Okay, you failed, but it's a worthy cause, so try again!" We don't need to be so easily defeated, especially by the material energy. Let's remember that the material nature is strong but the source of that nature is stronger. The message was firm, "Try again! Don't give up!"

Did Wayne Gretsky give up (sorry to use a Canadian icon)? Did our guru, Prabhupada give up?

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