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Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Checking Imbalances

Owen Sound, Ontario

A long haul by wheels limited walking as time restricted. Snow drifts retarded our speed from Detroit to this northerly south Ontario city, Owen Sound. Combined with the previous day, this short trip was squeezed in to encourage Krishna Consciousness to worthy and loyal to-the-mission folks.

What is the mission? It's an interesting word. I recall meeting hippie types who would stop to greet me on the road and tell me they were on a mission. It wasn't hard to figure out that they were enroute to liberal British Columbia where the marijuana is particularly fine.

The mission I'm speaking of is the humble attempt by our guru to check the imbalanced lives that we folks live in. The families that came together at the home of Rajesh and Alpa and their two sons, Priyam and Krishna, were of Canadian origin. Tome and Dale are at near retirement age. Our mission is somewhat new to them but they sat and heard in what we had to share. I find Canadians and Americans are somewhat curious at that age to at least listen with respect.

The rest of the group at the home event were three families, all born as devotees of Krishna. They always emit and incredible enthusiasm. Would I consider their lives imbalanced? No, but surrounding them are the enticements of a highly charged techie world and that can steer anyone away from life's prime objective.

I did get the chance to come closer to the children by giving gifts of devotional value - colouring and reading books. Each child left happily adorned with sacred tulasi neck beads around their necks. Most valuable for this day was the pleasure of giving and receiving the good company of Deva and Surya, who like anyone else, just need a little change from valuable but routine services.

That provided a balance for them.

1.5 KM

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