Thursday, 13 January 2011

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

A Bizarre Affair

Toronto, Ontario

To take a walk today I found I had to detour. Police had blockaded off an extensive area of city blocks beginning just outside our temple ashram. Police were all around on foot and in their cabs near the home of us monks to investigate. Of course, we were not in trouble nor suspect for anything.

Apparently, early at 5 AM a man in bare foot trudged the snow and ice and jumped into a snow plow vehicle that was idling. From there a bizarre escapade like that of a mad car chase thriller movie ensued. The thief sped his way through city streets dodging police, banging into vehicles and in one spot, bashing into a car dealership building, shattering the showcase windows. The snow plow owner was also on a wild chase for the culprit. Police had formed a barricade not but two blocks from our building when the mad snow plow driver burst through. Sadly, an officer got killed, God bless him. Police shot at the suspect who was finally put to a halt, and the hospital. By 7 AM the surreal chase episode finished while investigation went on.

The world also went on. I deliberately trekked the major thoroughfare for pedestrians. People were talking about everything and the chase scene as well. When legs move to proceed on foot, the other senses remain activated. You hear what people say. You observe where you walk, the traffic, the people, the buildings, the stop and go lights. You feel the chill and the snow flakes contacting the nostrils. It's a barrage of activity.

In the course of a day, a lot goes on within you, within the place or city where you live, within the globe, the universe, and finally, within the entire creation itself. Someone is born. Someone dies. Someone is at war. Someone's eating. Another one is starving. And then someone, a police officer, sacrifices his life and an entire city mourns.

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