Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

"Devotional Milestones for 2010"

Toronto, Ontario

A wrap up or review of the past year would look something like the following with regards to my feet and heart at home or other territory.

1. Early in February a sweaty walk got me through the nation of Trinidad.

2. Along the Mediterranean bare foot I went in October covering half of Israel.

3. Prem Kishor aka Dr. Jani, dear friend and devotee, hosted the first Festival of India in Thunder Bay at the shore of the world's largest lake, Lake Superior, in July. It was a grand success.

4. Montreal ISKCON launched its first devotional talent show called Natakam featuring dance, drama, and music of a unique kind.

5. The brahmacaris (monks) from Halifax purchased a bus, compliments of kind donors, for the purpose of travelling Canada throughout the year.

6. A Tamil gang leader turned pious and joined our Scarborough ISKCON centre. He now chants mantras on japa meditation beads.

7. Devotees of Brampton cooked up a storm serving thousands at the India Panorama.

8. Saskatoon is the latest city to open Krishna Consciousness programs led by team Kasyapa and Pancomi.

9. Ottawa ISKCON celebrated the 35th Anniversary of Guara-Nitai deity installation in August.

10. Vancouver ISKCON has finalized drawings for a new temple, a unique monolithic domed structure.

11. The village of Saranagati, an eco-friendly rural and devotional community, hosted a grand Balarama Festival in the summer, fusing indigenous and Vedic culturals. A huge teepee was erected to symbolize unity.

12. The Krishna Youth Bus Tour drove into Regina for its fifth year of devotional talents. Regina was the first city to host indoor stage events with the tour.

13. The Toronto Star, Canada's most widely read major city newspaper featured an article "Hare Krishnas Go Mainstream," a favourable update on the city's Krishna community. It was sourced to other papers nation wide.

14. Sunday school (Krishna Conscious style) is increasing in Calgary at the Radha Madhava Cultural Centre in age group up to age 21, thanks to co-ordinators Twani and Gopika.

15. Toronto's downtown Urban Edge Yoga Centre is enjoying its second year of operation catering to U of T spiritual seekers.

16. Alas this humble self, the Walking Monk, travelled in addition to Canada, to the USA, Guyana, Trinidad, Cuba, Italy, Argentina, South Africa, India and Dubai.


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