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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

A walk and a bow

Toronto, Ontario

My feet brought me to Bloor St. West into the heart of little Korea. Like the rest of the city this enclave is geared up for Christmas distractions in the window displays. I say “distraction” because I am in the ranks of many humbuggers who feel Christmas’ essence is gone. Spirit has been sacrificed for commercialism. The Jesus spirit is still a factor in many people’s lives though and I can very well respect that. Having just come from the holy lands of Jordan river, Jerusalem etc. I feel a stronger affection to him. I believe he did not teach sectarianism.

I spent part of the evening with a reverend who came to visit the temple. Here was a situation of shared spirituality. The reverend was keen to learn some of the techniques of bhakti (devotion), so I showed him the method of chanting on beads, explained the importance of offering one’s food and the value of eating only sattvic food. Upon departing form the temple room he saw me bowing in obeisance which inspired him to do the same.

“Is this the way it’s done?” he asked as he reverentially had all limbs meet the floor. We agreed to meet again after I returned from my next trip which will be to Pennsylvania.

The whole purpose for him was to enrich more what he already had. Admittedly so, I felt all the better too being in the company of a brahmin-type of person.

The day started with a walk and ended with a bow.

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