Monday, 1 November 2010

Saturday, October 30th 2010

Begin Now!

Mumbai, India

Because it is Saturday night and it is Juhu Beach you find many couples locked in each others arms standing by as soft wave after soft wave of ocean water spill over the hard packed sand. There are so many wannabe lovers as well. And there are those who have been there and done that.

According to eastern psychology we are all in love. As I walked along the evening’s draw for people, namely this Arabian sea in Mumbai, I simply began to appreciate that all of us who have hit the sand this evening and all those who happened to not be present to enjoy the sea breeze are in love. It’s a different kind of love from the flighty romance of youth.

If we can just grasp the concept that we are spirits full of eternity, full of cognition and full of bliss, and that we have this divine connection with the divine, then we can begin to come to terms with the real love between the two. There’s the soul and the superior soul and the warm involvement between the two. That’s solid love.

As I walk by singles and groups of people and in particular couples, I became aware of the before and after the Saturday night romantic embrace. There is much endeavor on the part of an individual to meet with another one. And after the hug there is the struggle to keep the fuel of love boiling or even to hold it on simmer. Cupid’s visit s are short, he is evasive and moves from person to person. The arrow’s potency is fleeting.

One couple became a little embarrassed upon seeing me in the robes. Perhaps they would admit that while there friendship between the two is important they believe that there is a Divine love that is superior.

It would be to everyone’s benefit to realize the ultimate relationship. If you haven’t started to develop it then begin now.

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