Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Sunday Night Ecstasy

Toronto, Ontario

I love it when Keshava Junior of the community picks up the mrdanga drum to back up the chanting vocals I was asked to do. He has a marvellous sense of timing and he understands any signals I send for slowing down, speeding up, softening the tone or picking up the volume or just changing the beat. It is a good synergy and I'm indebted to him when he gives that support as he had done at the evening's final kirtan chanting session at the Sunday Krishna Open House.

There was a visiting brahmacari (monk) by the name of Kavi who hails from the U.K. that jumped into the kirtan. He began to dance explosively. Then Sanjay from Waterloo, Ontario, joined in to do a hot foot step. Dhruva from Halifax also caught on fire and partook in the display of madman fun. Truly, arms and legs went everywhere as more and more ecstatic bodies entered the pool of dance. It was like a scene from Chaitanya's time, as I would imagine, when no one cares about formality but lets loose any regimen. Naturally it was mostly young folks going berserk, men and women. No one wanted it to end. Volumes of sweat determined its termination and the cleaning volunteers push their brooms and mops by the dancers feet giving clear indications of the inevitable.

Earlier on in the day I had complimented Rajasuya at our Brampton centre how he aroused the group there with his kirtan leading.

For the love of God and love of kirtan those who have these experiential times keep up these repeat events and return regularly for more. If only the world knew what a spiritual culture brings forth and has to offer. This is what Chaitanya had come to give.

When walking this early morning on Bloor St. I couldn't make out who was greeting me from across the street because of the darkness and distance. The guy raised his arm and shouted,

"Hey Monk, how's it doin'?"

To this I responded, "Just fine!" And that’s the way it is especially in a rousing, ego-bashing, let your hair hang down kirtan. It's all so fine.

10 KM

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