Saturday, 6 November 2010

Friday, November 5th, 2010

A Brother Gone

Mumbai, India

My dear godbrother Purnachandra Swami, whom I first met at his flat on Soho St. in London, and who then was having severe health issue, passed away this morning. The announcement come after my walk at Juhu and a most lively arati service at the ISKCON temple. It was hard to hear the news about a soul who had contributed a substantial amount to the scholastic side of the Krishna Consciousness movement.

My last personal exchange with him was when he came to visit our different centers In Canada and I should not fail to mention that we strolled together to the army surplus store at Toronto’s Young St. to purchase for him on my recommendation, a pair of crocs footwear. I recall very well speaking to him about the role of guru in society and how the spiritual teacher could possibly be understood and appear more relevant. I always appreciated being able to talk openly about matters with him.

One fine day in Mayapur, in West Bengal, we took a journey with a couple from Eastern Europe to view these well forgotten ancient terra cotta temples. We spent a full day observing what were ruins of great Hindu and Vaisnava architecture.

I am sorry to hear he’s gone. When asked to lead a song “Damodarastakam” & to deliver the morning Bhagavatam message to the assembled devotees, I did so in his honour. He was a true friend. How soon we forget though! When asked to meet with students from Pune who wished to hear from me about my walking adventures, I agreed and in the delivery I feel I faulted by not thinking about my brother, Purnacandra, for even a moment. So forgive me for not remembering you more. Indeed you have my respect and love as I compile today this blog info. I am wrought with ego. I hope to see you in the next world.


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