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Monday, November 1st, 2010

Get Smart

Mumbai, India

To access Juhu beach at the northern most section where overhead lights mark the way I meandered through several streets, but I ventured too far north and ended up where fishermen dwell, an area one grade up from a shanty town. Some rickshaw drivers led me to a narrow alley which was dark and moist. I could see rats scurrying about. That was fine provided I wouldn’t get bitten. Finally climbing down rocks to reach the beach I felt a little more safe.

At 2:30 am I found adventure but also peace. The waterfront is people-less and I can concentrate on chanting and walking. Well I thought it was quite. A young dog came after me barking fiercely. This was simply a deja-vous because last year an aggressive young dog jumped on my leg and left a tear in my dhoti (lower robe). It happened once again today personally I was torn between maintaining the dog as enemy by inviting fear or by befriending him. I will have to learn the fine art, I must plan. I must be smart to sustain a relatively undisturbed walk; I suppose I can apply what I learn during the day. In our meetings we are thought that SMART goals must be met, S stands for specific,
M for measurable, A for accountable, R for realistic and T for time based. Our guru Srila Prabhupada, so much wanted us to plan smartly the effort to spread the spiritual culture. Our task as leader is to come up with systems, systems that will manifest from though to documentation and then to be in the world of action.

In our meeting we keep mission in mind although there may be disagreement. Argument is often encouraged so long as it doesn’t hurt. Here again our guru encouraged “unity in diversity”. You can’t have unity without individual contribution.

If I was just to walk all day and contend with a small pup or dog my strategy would be so simple, but since life is more complex I will have to apply more details and live with that adventure.

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ISKCON Mumbai said...

Thank you for sharing the info about Smart Goal! Almost every other person who is out from the meetings has been talking about Smart Goals!!
- Parijata devi dasi