Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Things Fall

Buenos Aires, Argentina

From the temple address at Ciudad De La Paz 493 I decided to head straight south for my walking route. I came upon an area of large trees. Because it was morning many drops of dew landed for a soft splash. One drop that was rather large, of substance and colour came down to target my shoulder. A bird! It meant I had to change attire before delivering a message from the Bhagavatam book.

Okay! Let's talk about my fall from the spiritual world. Or let's speak on something divine- God's descent to the material world. Things are falling all the time. Autumn leaves leave their branches to plummet down. The law of gravity is always in full swing.

But when an avatar makes his appearance to this world of naughtiness it is for a mission- to pick up souls who have fallen and to help them ascend to their original position.

Sometimes we use the term "fall down" or "to be fallen" in reference to an individual who was on the spiritual path but who then went off track. These phrases are a type of lingo we use in ISKCON circles. It is possible to endeavour spiritually but a casuality could visit us to the point where we are weakened. We say, "He fell down!"

One brahmacari (monk) whose name is Prem asked me how I remained single and celibate throughout my life. He is serious about that path. "It's in my blood- the monk thing. My father wanted to be a priest and my mother wanted to become a nun, until they met each other." He is hoping not to meet a nun.

I responded to his willingness "to keep it simple" by mentioning three things.
1) Be shy of worldly things.
2) Always keep busy, engaged in devotional service.
3) Render a service that keeps you happy.

These items will help you to succeed.

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