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Friday, October 29 th, 2010

Never Bleak

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

You practically lose a day flying east, as I have on Etihad Airway. At take off time the individual screen in front of your seat promotes the life and culture at Abu Dhabi followed by a prayer from the Koran in Arabic. The flight was long but any day spent in the consciousness of Krishna can never be bleak.

One can always busy himself in chanting and hearing which is what I do on a plane. Reading, writing and I won’t lie, peaking at a classic film with historic content. As a dramatist I take some justification behind this. I have found it generates ideas for future productions, but I never go out of my way to see a film.

From my reading from Bhagavatam I noted the message from a section on canto 10 where the personified Vedas pray “Dear Lord it is imperative that the living entities be engaged in Krishna Consciousness, always rendering devotional service by such prescribed methods as hearing and chanting and executing your orders”. Chanting for me is life, without it I consider what we do in this world as a vacuum.

The Bhagavatam further on explains that the breath of life bears significance when the spiritual element is implemented. Otherwise such breathing is likened to the air moving within the bellows of a blacksmith shop. And in an earlier segment of the Bhagavatam comparisons are drawn saying the head ornamented with a head dress or helmet is only a heavy burden unless that head bows down to divinity. Similarly the legs, although in motion, when not used for pilgrimage purpose, becomes like immobile trunks of trees.

The Vedas recommend that all our faculty powers, our senses, our limbs were meant for the purpose of higher engagement. The message is “engage always with a divine purpose”.

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