Friday, 19 November 2010

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Art and Trash

Buenos Aires, Argentina


We are in South America, Buenos Aires to be precise. Halifax monk, Dhruva and I made the flight to the land of tango, here to contribute to kirtan chanting for the annual Festival of Chariots as well as staging a drama, in Spanish, of course.

My dear friend, Gunagrahi Swami, introduced us to our cast's volunteers for the play "The Witness" the tale of a walking deity. This is an exceptional group, type caste to the tee. We toiled happily for some afternoon hours up to the point where my eager legs wanted to hit the streets for some exercise.

Since last year I've seen the graffiti culture increase in this colossal city of 16 million. Some of the work is sheer "art." Some of it I would describe as "art" with an "f" in front of it. Some of it is downright disrespectful cheap for-kicks displays when it comes to being the target of people's homes and business buildings which are the livelihood centres of people.

I remarked to Dhruva that the trashy spray, marks the beginning of the end of the culture of mutual respect. It's a sign of Kali-yuga indeed. I sometimes ponder that the liberal leniency as status quo just isn't working out in a world that boasts of order.

I don't mean to point out that Buenos Aires is exclusive or unique in this barrage of messy colour. It's all pervasive although you might not find it in a disciplined place like Singapore. I am airing out a kind of grumpiness that I feel is justified. I am, like millions of people on this planet, not alone in certain opinions. I hanker for change and search for hope.

I see no solution to problems but the spiritual outlet. As an individual I see the need to intensify my spiritual endeavour hoping to effect positive changes.

I look at a last wall before retiring for the night and with a doomsday spirit, admit that the world of sense gratification on its own just isn't fulfilling people's needs.

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