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Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

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Toronto, Ontario

Recently four women came to join us in the ashram. Of course, the ladies have their own quarters on the west side of our building while the men ccupy the east side. There is no reason for one generation facing a particular direction other than male population being greater, with the count of 14 and the east side offering more accomodations. The women did not all come come to our door at the same time but showed interest all around the same time.

It is good news to have this addition to our membership. It does indeed enhance that family spirit. My woe is that there is not always sufficient personnell to train newcomers. Two of them work ouside and offer a donation as rent. They are taking advantage of the morning sadana before dashing off to their employment.

In this case also not much attention is given to the single fellow who resides now with us day.

It's lively when all residents are punctual for the early bird service at 4:30 am. Some deliquency is there and recently chronic slackness has been warned. Shape up or ship out. Ashram life means fun life, enriching life, but discipline must be a component here or otherwise the experience of some healthy transformation does not fructify.

It is a blessing to have the company of the new people as well as the 'were new people' (I don't want to say "old") relish the morning classes. Naturally not all ride the same level of enthusisam. It's all very individual.

I had contemplated the problem of lack of superiorism for new candidates. Some interested men who want to give monastic life a try are encouraged to go to our Halifax ashram where more personal attention is given. But what to do for those in toronto. When you think about it, it's the nicest problem to have. People wish to experience. We are not fully prepare!

Jarvis sreet was the route I chose to walk on, and the venue for my thoughts. The city councilers decided today that one lane on this heritage street will be marked as a place for trees, a wider sidewalk, pedestrian sidewalk and a section reserved for cyclists.

The city percieved that there was a problem and so they discussed, decided and made a poling rule firm. Not all people like the decision, especially motorists, but the decision was passed and everyone will have to follow. Rules in the ashram need to be better enforced. In the same way that city council's decision is final and all must follow.

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