Sunday, 7 June 2009

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Dustin The Monk

Thunder Bay, Ontario

It was Dustin's birthday. He's one of our Halifax boys. He was employed serving drinks in a bar. He knew how to mix drinks but know he found out about mixing Krishna into his life. He shaved off his hair to be a monk. When you are Twenty one and still single you still have time to take in adventure. Since joining several months ago he has traveled with another young monk to certain regions of the States stopping at temples. In many ways he was becoming a man for all seasons by learning various devotional arts, the songs, philosophy, musical instruments.

When as a boy Krishna attended His school and learned sixty-four arts. For Him such skills began early in His life. In the case of Dustin it takes a greater amount of time to learn due to the compounded karma accumulated over lifetimes. Our desires bury us into dullness of consciousness. Like Dustin we are all ensnared by the illusions of the world.

At least Dustin was smart enough to pull out of the shadowy pursuits of this world. He is a bright young man and we are fortunate to have him in our troupe of performers at this weekends Yogafest. He is a great actor and dancer and picks up on things quickly especially in the area of co-operation and willingness to serve.

In the Gita it is said "yesam tu anta gatam papam..." If you have done something virtuous in the previous existence then that will bear fruit for the next existence especially in the conviction to move on in your spiritual life.

I believe this applies to Dustin.

Happy Birthday Dustin.

9 Km

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