Friday, 5 June 2009

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Old Woman Bay, Ontario

Etched on the edge of a large cliff on the bay of Lake Superior is the image of an old woman's face. That's how the bay east of the lake got its name. The long drive from Thunder Bay lead us to a much needed break at the vista of natural elements- rock, water, sky, mist, and sun. Our troop of eight decided to experience a trail taking us through a woodsy terrain. Two of us opted for extra rest. On went the rest.

We came upon an ancient man-made depression in a section of well-worn boulders. It was formerly a site for vision-questing. While chanting softly on our beads we admired the diversity of green vegetation. The sweet smells of the forest excited our nostrils. We were also curious to see if we could spot a moose on the loose. At least one foot-print revealed that one of these largest of the deer had recently roamed this quiet trail. We were out of luck to spot one on this challenging path but there were no regrets. The beauty of sites and each other's sanga or company, compensated for it. We had to be content to have seen a fox, a bear, a beaver and ravens on this trip. After two hours of trekking over jagged and smooth rocks, roots, twigs, carpets of moss, dry and soggy soil we headed south via our van.

We had secured a copy of the Chronicle Journal and cheered upon seeing Krishna on the front page. Our actor/dancer Nitai Priya captured the attention of the photographer as he clicked and digitally framed Gopal, the walking deity from the play "The Witness." We cheered again to see more photos on page three with a supporting article. We relished in the thought of the great response from participants in the Yoga fest the night before. During this moment of happiness, lo and behold, a robust-looking bull moose dodged our vehicle and as if in a dance, dashed his way into the safety of trees.

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