Sunday, 21 June 2009

Friday, June 19th, 2009


Olympia, Washington

Our group of thirty or so participants divided into teams who were determined to trek. Those interested in a short leisurely walk in the bush were part of the team on The Sita Stroll. The more daring were on the Ram Run. And the most bold tackled the trek on the world’s longest land spit, a five and half mile stretch were called the Hanuman Haul.

I gave the names and decided to walk the spit, which culminates at a gorgeous light-house made in 1857. Our team fought the wind, some ocean spray, and dodged bird poop. Driftwood on the shore were works of art. Caspian terns, a unique bird, nest along the spit. Seals were curious and came near us, but stayed in their natural habitat, the water.

When we reached the lighthouse and met the keeper, he asked where we were from.

“We need to see Hare Krishna’s at the airports,” he remarked.

“We switched to lighthouse for now ” I said.

That gave him a chuckle for sure. Another keeper showed off his t-shirt which read “I’ve seen the light.” The most elevated of the keepers was third. He was at the top of the lighthouse tower (ha,ha) giving us a tour of that bird’s eye view. Our team was an all-male team, except for Aditi, a small ten-year old. She became our hero for the day. Her dad, Nandasuta, seeing the vast benefits of this type of walking committed himself to making it a daily routine. Aditi startled us all, a second time, when after covering a twelve mile (19.8 km) distance walk for the day, engaged in a dramatic reading where she joined her older soul brothers (monks). She read the lines for Krishna’s gopis (milk maidens) and did a marvelous job!

Victory to Aditi!

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