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Thursday, June 18th, 2009


Sequim, Washington

He sat there like a wise old sage does in a cave of the Himalayan range. Still, up high, above everything, content, and contemplative he sat perched on a bare branch with a white head and dark brown body, a bald eagle right near our cottage. I asked Kalakantha, a soul brother who also came on the retreat, if he had seen an eagle recently.

“It’s been a long while,” he said.

So I pointed to the large bird and Kalakantha looked on with awe. The bird didn’t seem to be disturbed by our endless gazing.

We, however, became distracted by other things, such as the lavender farms in the area, and the great aroma wafting from them.

Without getting too carried away by our surroundings including one of the oldest light houses at the end of the largest spit in the world, near our rented cottages, we set out to our most important task which was to give ourselves (us senior men & women) our time and realizations to patron donors of our Washington community. We spoke of our guru’s- personal revelations which were sweet, instructive, engaging, and deep.

Kirtan (chanting) was very participatory as principle facilitator, Hari Vilas, churned out powerful honeyed melodies from his harmonium, When it was his turn to speak, he relayed to us his time in Paris when in an unzipped robe, bald and all, he approached the chief administrator of Olympia Hall, a prestigious theater almost impossible to book. By some miracle he got the hall booked. He introduced himself as the Beatles’ agent and how the Beatles’ and their guru, Srila Prabhupada, were going to meet in the venue.

There was little promotion as the Krsna monks had no money, but people came and saw the guru, minus the Beatles. A deception it was, but we had a good laugh.

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