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Sunday, October 27th, 2019

Flamborough, Ontario

Nine More

Our group of six, consisting of Christopher, Jaya, Gnan, Oksana, and David, began the hike along the Bruce Trail from what some people call the “Dundas Peak”. We were initially greeted by fog and early morning darkness. Soon, however, that dissipated. The terrain on the Escarpment Trail was pleasantly smooth, up to a point.
With a generous supply of rain that had descended overnight, rivers and creeks had been replenished, and waterfalls, like the Borer’s Falls, were full.  Colours of foliage were vivid, rich.  We felt blessed.  During our three-and-a-half hours of hiking, rain was staved off.  Leaves spiraled down, creating a blanket of multi colours over the forest floor.
Eventually, our trail became wavy. It was the usual Bruce dynamic of valley and hill.  Wet rocks were slippery.  Fallen leaves added to the ‘slip’, and whatever soil we tread upon was near-mud.  We all did quite good in keeping our balance.  Christopher told me he lost it more than once.  I also went for a grand fall, but with a soft landing.  Much mud ended up on my backside. 
It happened in one ravine, where leaves were coming down like snow.  It reminded me of souls falling from the spiritual realm, and descending to this mundane world.
We have all been there, I thought. With all integrity, we may call on the helpful affirmation that, “I will not fall lower, morally, than I already have.”
After a successful nine kilometres of trail walking, our group made it to Lynden, and the home of godbrother Girijadhava, and his daughter, Krishna Prem.  We were hosted so sweetly.  We all indulged in the meal Giri had drummed up, some kirtan, and talk about Diwali—the “Festival of Lights”. 

May the Source be with you!
9 km 

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