Saturday, 9 November 2019

Monday, November 4th, 2019

St. John’s, Newfoundland

Dear Great Trail

Marshall and I took to a second chunk of the Great Trail, beginning at Bowring Park and going west. Nice place, really, with water cascading. This morning, I took to some analysis of the trail along Waterford River and wanted to express my feelings.

Dear Great Trail,
You are not so ‘great’ as you may think you are. In fact, because you are rendering many services to others, you appear to be meek, and humble. You are bearing the weight of my roamers pounding on you daily. The feet of humans, dogs, and the many wheels of rubber must be crushing you at times. It must also be unpleasant when the heat is soaring, the rain is pouring, and when snow and ice are covering you.

I see that you have partnered up with diverse trees and grasses along your two sides, and that various stones rest upon your very self. Judging by my own ambling upon you, I find that you are level-headed, with the exception of a few depressions, here and there, upon your surface. Puddles on your path are rare. It looks like you have someone caring for you, in terms of maintenance.

There is a beautiful aspect to you, but I believe you are under-appreciated. Perhaps more people could take advantage of your services. There is much more of a hectic element on the road running parallel to your edge. Traffic is crazy along there, especially at rush hour.

You have a certain gravity, yet another of your good qualities. Now that I’ve left you, in hindsight I believe you are a ‘Great Trail, after all.

The Walking Monk

May the Source be with you.
5 km

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