Monday, 15 April 2019

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

Picton, Ontario

A Look At a Hog

Off we went to another farm initiative; this time a set of twins, Graham and Dhyana Chandra, have decided to leave the city, buy a plot of land with house, barn and workshop, and settle there.

Jai, Connor and myself dropped in to inform the identical twins of the upcoming Spring Farmer's Conference just outside of Montreal.  Our purpose was to give them a boost after a long winter, which was actually spent in Panama.  In any event, we encouraged them and a mutual reality manifest.  From their harvested stash of tomato sauce, Graham and Dhyana made these wonderful pizzas, and also shared with us their local maple syrup poured on bananas (not local).

I asked them whether their huge pet, Prema the pig, is a vegan or vegetarian. Their response was: "Yes, she lives on dated baked goods from the supermarket, in addition to some of the organic harvest."  Pizzas from that same source are also something Prema pigs out on.

"What is her worth?" someone may ask, from the perspective of a meatless dieter.  The twins have found her snout to be an excellent shovel which turns over the soil for the almost perfect garden.

"That is brilliant," I thought.  I'm beginning to appreciate more the contribution of a creature that I had formerly placed an opinion on as purely looking "gross" and not in the least bit "sexy."  The Creator has a good plan and good function for all.

May the Source be with you!
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