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Friday, April 26th, 2019

Mauritius, All Over

Scurrying Around in Pain

Gopal and Kala were kind to take me around.  It wasn't to do with walking trails.  Chest pains were strong.  I was taken to clinics for check-ups, x-rays and medicine.  The diagnosis or prognosis showed that my organs were good.  Still the pain was hard to bare.  The sitting position was easy.  Lying down was hell, especially when leaning to the right side. Hard to breathe.  Doctors were surprised as to how I was reacting.  The cause of this inconvenience is unknown.  What can I say?

After taking some pain killers and working at our  drama rehearsals, I felt some relief.  A good sleep.  I couldn't believe it.  I woke up chipper, grateful and ready to meet the sun.

As a practitioner of bhaktiyoga,I have to believe and pray.  Medicines aren't everything.  With that in mind, I will share the first of the narrator's words from our drama, "Gods and Demons," the first scene.

Vishnu!  The Lord of a Thousand Names.  Not visible to mundane eyes, yet present everywhere.  Aloof from everything, yet very much involved.  The Lord of the Heart.  From Him, the elements issue, including the cosmic waters which give rise to all living entities.

And the gods—they revere Him.  In times of great peril, they appeal for His aide.

The Vedas say, "If one could count the atoms of the universe, then one could count the attributes of Vishnu. But no one can count the atoms of the universe, nor can one count the qualities of Vishnu. Shanti (peace), shanti, shanti. Om Tat Sat!”

May the Source be with you!
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