Monday, 15 April 2019

Friday, April 5th, 2019

Vaughan, Ontario

Hitesh and I

Hitesh and I went zig-zagging east-west on residential streets right near the ashram. We took that whole hour to talk much about things we had gone over before.  A review—such as:

1) Politics are everywhere and it begins within.  It starts with the mind, which has two political parties—the 'yes' party, the 'no' party, and perhaps a third—the 'maybe' party.  In Sanskrit, the terminology expressing acceptance and rejection is sankalpaand vikalpa.

2) We also dwelt on the topic of the beauty of diversity.  Hitesh was saying that he liked Toronto for its variety of people from all over the world. He also liked the fact that all the monks, or swamis, whom he knows, each bring a different flavour or mood to the culture.  

"Wouldn't it be bland if we were all the same?"  I asked, and he agreed.  Diversity, but unity in the point that we all say the same thing conclusively.

3) Walking is therapy.  Hitesh is going to go for surgery soon, on his knee. His therapist says he should keep up the exercise and not just be idle.  The body is made for walking, and walking is the best form of mobility. You see so much in the course of a stroll.

With this last remark both Hitesha and I stopped to lean over an iron fence to observe three robins go worm-and-bug hunting.  All three moved in a similar fashion.  It was a ‘hop’ or a ‘bob.’  Humans walk. Robins bob.

What a remarkable epiphany!

May the Source be with you!
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