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Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016
Vancouver / Chicago

The Persons on Either Side

My days of duty are done.  This means the visitations to two devotional communities in British Columbia, to provide encouragement, are now terminated and I’m going back to the road in America.  The flight to Chicago was the dream-time for the return to the Illinois and Michigan Canal State Trail.  I had a person on either side of me on the plane, reminding me of my duty and place.

First of all a young Austrailian chap did a browse on his iPhone.  I caught a glance of a picture of himself with soccer teamsters.  From this glance I knew he was an athlete-of-sorts so, when it came time for him to excuse himself to use the facilities, I suggested, “You’re a sportsman. Why not climb over me?”  I witnessed this act, performed by another athlete, a tri-marathoner from New Zealand.  At that time he was in the window seat when he leapt over me with ease.

Of course, Pat, the middle-aged, sweet lady had to step out into the aisle-- with grace.  Our soccer player could in no way leap over two of us.

Pat is from Davenport, Iowa, as she introduced herself.  The place of her residence struck a chord when she mentioned it.

“Davenport!  Oh yes!  That’s where I’ll be walking.  I’m doing this trek to San Francisco.”

A conversation ensued.  And when our soccer friend returned, he too was drawn to the details of the walking mission.

“20 miles.  Slowing down.  Getting more in touch with ourselves.  It’s a work-out, and a work-in!”

I felt like I had two more people rooting for me at the end of the conversation, as the plane descended and landed.

And then there was something I reminded myself of.

“Return the favour and root for the other person(s) as a reciprocation.”

All need encouragement!

May the Source be with you!

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