Sunday, 24 July 2016

Saturday July 16th 2016

Saturday July 16th 2016
Toronto, Ontario

Happy Faces

While last week's Montreal Chariot Fest was drenched with the pouring of cats and dogs (strange saying), the event in Toronto enjoyed perfect weather today. I cannot make any remarks relating to Karma in this regard.  Who's to say who deserves what, right?  Whatever comes to you that is seemingly bad does not always need to be met with an "it's my karma" attitude.  The wind blows as it may.  Accept it and adjust your sails. 

What's important is how you cope with or handle a challenge.  That is the real test of the devotee. 

But what of the event today on Yonge St. and Centre Island, in Toronto? 

I saw happy faces with loud singing, and bodies moving at a good clip, southbound on Yonge St. for a 4 to 5 kilometre stretch to the Waterfront.  Three 50 foot chariots were hand-pulled by ropes, and onlookers viewed with awe, this unique, exotic, and ancient Festival.  It is a re-enactment of a ride that Lord Krishna once took millennia ago, and it is enlivening to those who get involved, and even those who choose to just watch.

Procession is part one of the program.  A carnival of sorts is part two, held on Centre Island in Lake Ontario.  The procession covers 5 kilometres.  The return is the same, so I managed to double the distance while taking time to reflect on the day's joy of devotion.  This pensive time was at the darkening hour--dusk.  "Yes, joy comes from within," I thought, as I was noticing the party-goings-on, on the street that I walked. 

May the Source be with you!

12 km

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