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Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016
Davenport, Illinois

Mississippi Milestone

“Just think of those five toes on each foot as being like a team of horses.  They have been working hard and now that it’s rest time, squeeze each one lightly, like you would pat each horse, by the neck, to thank them for their wonderful service.”

Such is what I explained to Uttama as he gave me a massage last evening as I suggested he encourage giving attention to the fine mechanics of the feet.

Well, this paid off, and, with the help of the new kyboots footwear, I felt like I was flying this morning.  I was also childish with anticipation of reaching the Mississippi River today.  That was accomplished.

I was on a conference call, a break to my walking, and one that consumed time.  Badrinarayan Swami, a monk from the west coast who was on the call, remarked, “I think you’re now clearly in the west (having stepped over that line).”

It was at a park by Union Station and near a casino (an actual riverboat), that I made a call, met Kevin Schmidt from the local “Times” for photos, and where I made friends with a black dude.  I offered to show him a hand shake that puzzled him.

Excitedly he said, “Hey, man, that’s new!  Yah learn somethin’ every day. If yah don’t learn somethin’ new every day yah ain’t nothin’ but dead, man!”

May the Source be with you!

15 miles

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