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Monday, July 18th, 2016

Monday, July 18th, 2016
Williamsburg, Iowa

1100 Kilometres

We did 1100 kilometres of driving to make it back to the spot where we left off last week.  My walking mission is met with many interruptions; happy ones, of course.  It was a six-day leave of absence from the trail.

Now on our way, before entering the States and in particular the state of Michigan, my driver, for the next four days of companionship, is Rajasuya from Brampton, Canada. Also with us are Mandala, an assistant to replace Uttamanada.  They are in for a treat.  I wanted to bring them down memory lane.  Off the major 401 Highway, we veered onto the Tecumseh Parkway.  This was the road I roamed to go back and forth to elementary school;  a humble, red-brick school house that enrolled rural kids, accommodating eight grades, and with only one teacher.

That’s a miracle in itself!

When you see this structure, boarded-up, and closed down since the sixties, it’s remarkable it is still standing.  The size leads you to believe that this 25 x 30 ft. place could not possibly hold the group of us.  Eight grades in one room!  One teacher!  Imagine that!

We thrived in this type of environment.  The older kids looked after the younger ones.  We lined up outside for drinking water from the pump.  We had little or practically no facility for sports.  Somehow we were happy in this minimalistic life-style.  I won’t forget the wooden desks with holes for the ink jars.  You used pencils in the younger grades.  The use of ink was for the older kids.  Yes, the simplicity was the thing.

May the Source be with you!

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