Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016
Williamsburg, Iowa

The Rain Came

The rain came down quite enthusiastically, like bullets in speed, but not penetrating like bullets.  It was the contact with corn leaves on both sides of me that made a constant sound, at least for three hours.  At 3:45AM I could see hardly a thing and it took an hour and a quarter, from the point of my first footstep, before a vehicle of any sort passed by, it was quiet.

I decided upon wearing sweat pants and a T-shirt over my robes, that way when the rain subsided I would have dry clothes available.  Despite my civilian clothes, someone called the police.  The officer who responded came to see me.  By now, rain retreated.  Some wind also had picked up.

Rather apologetically, the officer who did receive a dispatch of message from yesterday’s police, said, Hi!  I got a call that someone’s walking!”

“It’s not a sin to walk!  I said, restraining some frustration while in my wet civies.

“I know.  People!!!” he said with arms outstretched.

The officer was really nice, like the police from the former county that I tread through yesterday.  I was startled to hear the remark from him when he said, “I don’t follow the news, it’s too depressing.”

I did take the liberty to express that driving is a sin, that 1.25 million die from auto accidents each year, and that the automobile causes major polluting effects, if not by gas emissions, then through creating heaps of trash.  We parted totally as comrades would.

I made it to Williamsburg (pop. 3200), met Melinda from the news.  Motorists and pedestrians saw a monk.  I changed then changed to dry, devotional attire.  All is well.

May the source be with you!

15 miles

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