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Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016
Grinnell, Iowa

His Eyes

His eye was fully open but the other was closed, and just as the closed eye-lid began to open, the open eye began to move in a slow blink.

This was pretty much how I viewed the full moon and its counterpart, the sun, as these heavenly bodies presented themselves in the early morning sky.  It was purely magical, and while I had the moon before me in the westerly sky, the sun naturally arose behind me.  I was being looked at by God, one eye at a time.

This dynamic occurred yesterday and repeated itself again today.  Yet today, the sun began to be in a relentless mode as the hours moved on.  Water in the air (humidity) was thick in suspension.  It was taxing and dehydrating.

Relief arrived  merely with the visitation of people.  Rajasuya and Mandala came to join me on Hwy. 6.  Then Dan Hayes appeared from the Iowa County Market Newspaper.  A fellow by the name of Rich, a local organic farmer, stopped out of interest.  I was also whisked away to KGRN radio with Chris Johnson as the interviewer. 

Back on the road again, and a woman from nowhere delivered lemonade.  A second one, Lisa, pulled over to hand out some refreshments—ice water and fruit.

“I’ve been following you on the internet.  I drove around knowing you were in town,” said Lisa.  She is very much the big-hearted type of person and it was a pleasure meeting her at the last step of the day’s walk.

These were all lovely people whose paths I crossed today, and it alleviated the physical strain felt initially.

What really stuck in my mind were Dan’s questions. “What prompted you to do this walk? Does it have anything to do with the current political situation?  Isis and so forth?”

“Much to do with it,” I said, and went on to explain that the message from our scripture, the  Bhagavad-gita, is much about taking firm stands when gentleness is taken advantage of.

This is a big topic in and of itself.

May the Source be with you!

19 miles

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