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Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015
Beacon, New York

Meeting a Runner

Vivasvan and I took a picnic break near Sylvan Lake. A runner came up to us, "I saw you in Connecticut. I am curious about what you are all about." The runner identified himself cordially along with his profession, "I am a retired professor. My interest now is UFOs." He mentioned he was writing a book about the positive experiences people have when they encounter beings from other spheres.

I offered to say that our Vedic literatures are replete with information about other places and planets of evolved life. The person was really nice and seeking knowledge. "I have got this left brain that wants to know. I think scientifically - why are these beings coming to us? Apparently all people who contact them have a good experience. They transform and they become somewhat enlightened."

I suggested that perhaps we don't need to over-analyze the situation but instead come to the point of loving, giving, and serving. There is always a problem with avoiding this natural obligation. I remember saying to him that our constitutional position is to serve. We are spirits and we are prone to bhakti (love) unconditionally.

Vivasvan and I left our new-made friend with some smaller BBT books (not to burden him too much - he's running) and a strand of japa meditation beads. He was most grateful to have a copy of the book Beyond Birth & Death.


I also met Jessica who was one of the people who offered a ride today. To Jessica I gave a, "Thanks but no thanks. I am walking." She told me of her friends who used to live in the Krishna Brooklyn Temple and how they all learned how to cook. Now, our evening was spent back in Farmington to hear my godbrother monk speak. Niranjan Swami, who is from Boston, spoke about bhakti (unconditional love). The prasadam (food) was bangin' good.

It was a great day. I spent the last 2 hours walking with Murali, a friend who lives in the area. It was a great pleasure to know that he spent the time to drive and look for me. Once found, he parked the car and we walked. I walked through Fishkill, Hopewell, Beekman, and New Milford.

May the Source be with you!

20 miles / 32 km


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