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Monday, October 19th, 2015

Monday, October 19th, 2015
Rural Valley, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania People

Bill was right on the road to greet me.  He shook my hand and I remarked that he’s got farmer’s hands, big and callous-like.  It was a compliment of course and he took it that way.  “Well, more like coal miners’ hands,” he said in good fun.  We talked and I could see he was a very God conscious man.  In fact, he asked for a blessing since he’s having kidney issues.  He removed his hat, I placed my right palm on his forehead and recited a Sanskrit mantra for protection.  He was grateful.

I also came upon two country folks at the side of their yard.  Two gentlemen.  They had been looking with an eager eye as to what I was all about.  Handshakes again.  “I’m Bhaktimarga Swami, Swami for short.  I’m a monk and I’m walking.  I started from Boston.”  Surprised, they were.  They offered iced tea.  We chatted.  One of the fellows said, “Only Catholics have monks, right?”

“Actually, there’s a whole history of monastic life within Hinduism and Buddhism, big time.”

I asked them if they were familiar with Hare Krishna and the response was no.  I asked if they had heard of Broadway’s production, ‘Hair’.


And so that was their reference point.

Further down the road I met some teenage Amish girls with dresses and bonnets.  They were gathering walnuts on the side of the road.  I could see they were shy.

“Hello, how are you?  What do you do with them?”

“We make pies with the walnuts and cakes.”

“God bless,” I said.

Not but ten minutes later on in my walk, there was a team of horses, two in number, that were yoked to a wagon standing stationary at the side of the road.  Right next to them, in a corn field, was an Amish farmer along with two women who were manually breaking off corn and tossing it into the wagon.  I asked if he could toss me one for a souvenir, so he did and suggested that they are good for corn bread.

“Thanks, God bless.”

In Pennsylvania country I see it’s much to do about family, food, work, and God.   That’s good.

May the Source be with you!

21 miles / 33 km

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