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Friday, October 9th, 2015

Friday, October 9th, 2015
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Never Seen The Stars

“I’ve never seen the stars like this before,” remarked Tre’von.

“You must have spent your whole life in the city,” I guessed.

“That’s true”, he said and then he started to rap something along the lines of,

“Your ego says you’re such a big shot

When you see the stars you’re not even a shot

Not even a spot

Not even a dot…"

He was really liking the early excursion, making our way through small hamlets under the ever-changing sky. He was appreciating the brahma muhurta hour, the time before sun up . He told me Einstein called it ‘the genius spot’.

The sun had just come and Matt from ‘The Standard News’ came by with a recorder. It was question time. “The Daily Item” news also sent a rep who took notes.

“Why notepaper and a pen?” Vivasvan asked when he caught up to us with his van.

The reporter said, “If I record, I’ll have to listen to it all again. I just take notes.”

As the questions went on, Tre’von took the liberty to grab Vivasvan’s camera and then walk a few metres to the gathering of local farmers huddled around representatives of the controversial Monsanto. With camera in hand Tre’von posed challenging questions regarding the tampering of God’s seeds. Monsanto’s rep attempted to respond to radical Tre’von’s cutting queries.

I wasn’t there to hear the dialogue but my daily companion put his warrior self out to action and then relayed back to us the stirring points that were exchanged.

The final little rendezvous place along Buffalo Valley Trail Run was the termination spot for my walking today. We then rushed to Pittsburgh for my flight to Edmonton for the weekend. I will miss magical Pennsylvania.

May the Source be with you!

18 miles / 29 km


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