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Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Sunday, October 11th, 2015
Pigeon Lake, Alberta

Smooth Synergy

I feel myself to be very fortunate, being in the best company. Through culture and like-mindedness, I feel very cuddled in the huddle of community spirit. I believe that many many people, especially in the capitalistic world, lack the community experience and find themselves to be so very alone.

I know we have written of this before but once again, the moose (of which you will find a fair share of here in Alberta) are happy campers being alone. Humans, however, have that angle in life which calls for social intercourse. To humans I say, “Be human and not a moose on the loose.” Take the goose, for instance, here we find another creature (also common enough in these parts) that flock together.

The gathering of devotees of Krishna from Canada at this year’s Annual General Meeting in Pigeon Lake are an incredible, stimulating, and inspiring group of individuals. It appears to me that they have a heart to discuss and then implement actions that can add color to the world. No, I am not saying we’ll save the world no more than I’ll admit that we are better than everyone else. We are all in the same boat shifting within varying lifestyles the activities of eating to sleeping, to mating and defending.

What I would dare to say is that, as a monk in the Krishna order, we can offer a mild reminder about the spiritual component of life. I really like it how our guru, Prabhupada, put it when questioned by a reporter from the Butler Eagle News in Pennsylvania (and here we set no boundaries between the US and Canadian border),

“If Americans would give more attention to their spiritual life, they would be much happier.”

Well, our group of leaders who converged at the lodge at Pigeon Lake, chanted, talked, ate, and slept with spiritual motives in mind. It brought about a beautiful synergy I hope is the type of synergy that can more readily be shared amongst others.

May the Source be with you!

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